Get $2,000 to support hospitality businesses when you take out a business loan or line of credit for your trading business with Judo Bank

Introducing Judo JumpStart

As a relationship-focused bank, Judo is committed to supporting Australian business through the current economic environment and beyond.

In partnership with Liven, Judo Bank is offering all new trading business customers who sign up to a business loan or line of credit, $2,000 to spend with our hospitality customers. Businesses who’ve had it tougher than most.

All-in-all, over 100 restaurants, cafes and bars across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland have signed up to JumpStart, with more expected to follow. At Judo we see and feel the impact COVID-19 has had on Australian businesses. That’s why we’ve set aside over $1 million through the JumpStart campaign to support our hospitality businesses.

Together, we can ‘jump start’ Australian business.

If you’re in business or you’re a broker looking to help a client, contact us today and find out why it’s better to be with Judo Bank.

How it works

The JumpStart campaign uses Dining Rewards App LIVEN as its credit and payment platform to ensure new customers can easily spend their $2,000 credit – in as many transactions as they wish – exclusively with Judo’s hospitality customers.

This way, Judo is supporting both its new and existing customers and together we can help JumpStart Australian business.

New Customers receive their $2,000 share of the $1 million to spend on LIVEN

Judo launches JumpStart, offering a total of $1 million to new customers through LIVEN

The $1 million is spent through LIVEN exclusively at Judo hospitality businesses

Judo hospitality clients join LIVEN as a listed restaurant

1. Judo hospitality clients join LIVEN as a listed restaurant

2. Judo launches JumpStart, offering a total of $1 million to new customers through LIVEN

3. New Customers receive their $2,000 share of the $1 million to spend on LIVEN

4. The $1 million is spent through LIVEN exclusively at Judo hospitality businesses

Some of our participating
Judo JumpStart businesses

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the JumpStart campaign?

The JumpStart campaign is Judo’s contribution to our valued friends in the hospitality industry. We know it's been tough so we’re helping to JumpStart your recovery. We’re giving new trading business customers, who sign up to a business loan or line of credit for over $250,000, $2,000 worth of credit to spend at food and beverage outlets owned by existing Judo customers. We’ve partnered with LIVEN to facilitate the handling of credit, orders and payment.

What is LIVEN?

LIVEN is a food ordering app that incorporates blockchain technology to process payments in-app and reward loyal customers with in-app credits when they spend.

What does LIVEN onboarding involve and how long does it take?

As a hospitality business, Liven onboarding requires you to learn how to accept payment from a Liven customer. This process can take as little as 5 minutes, a LIVEN Account Manager can even walk you through it at a time suitable for you. They can also answer any lingering questions you may have.

As a customer, it's as easy as downloading the app and signing up. Your banker will ensure your account is appropriately credited.

Does it cost me anything?

No. Onboarding is completely free, start up and exit fees have been waived for Judo hospitality customers, and 100% of the order value from customer orders goes straight to you.

I’m a franchise. Can I take part?

Yes! Individual franchises are permitted to join LIVEN and benefit from the Judo $1 million JumpStart initiative, providing it complies with your franchise agreement.

How does the onboarding process work?

LIVEN takes great care of Judo merchants. You will be guided through training, and provided branded marketing collateral and a landing page. LIVEN will handle the sign up process, setup, integration, hardware provision and training, as well as ongoing support where needed.

As a business, will I have to learn a whole new payment system or upgrade my POS hardware?

No. If you use Abacus, Kounta, Surpass, or BePos, integration is simple. If you don’t already have the required hardware, LIVEN will provide the required equipment free of charge.

How will it integrate with my existing ordering system?

As it is payment only, and not food ordering, the Liven system will not disrupt any methods you already have of registering orders. When a customer finishes their meal or is ready to pay, you will simply accept their bill through Liven.

How much of the $1 million cash injection could my business get?

During the offer period there will be unlimited $2,000 vouchers in circulation on the LIVEN platform, that can only be spent with Judo merchants. The volume of vouchers spent at your restaurant will vary depending on location and density of voucher distribution.

How will I get paid? Will it affect my cash flow planning?

LIVEN collects all payments and reconciles each week, for payment to restaurants on a weekly basis. For transactions made from Monday – Sunday, payment will be made the following Wednesday. You are paid the full amount from each order made at your outlet.

Can I leave the app any time I want?

Yes. Exit fees have been waived for Judo merchants, so you’re free to cancel your integration anytime.

Terms & Conditions

This Promotion is run by Judo Bank Pty Limited (ABN 11 615 995 581) ("Promoter"). Only the residents of WA, Vic, NSW and Qld residents over the age of 18 and those who have not previously held an account with the Promoter are eligible to participate in this Offer. Offer runs 12.01am (AEST) on 01/10/2020 to 11.59pm (AEST) on 28/02/2021. During the Offer period, sign up your trading business to a business loan or line of credit for over $250,000 with the Promoter to get $2,000 to spend via the LIVEN App with specified hospitality customers of the Promoter. You must download and sign up for the LIVEN App to redeem your Gift.

Gifts must be redeemed by 31/12/2021. See for participating restaurants. Limited to 1 Gift per customer group. Gift not transferable/exchangeable/redeemable for cash.Use of the LIVEN App is subject to the terms of use found at and is subject to consumer rights under the Australian Consumer Law (i.e. Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth)), the Promoter is not liable (including in negligence) for any loss (including indirect or consequential loss or loss of profits), damage, injury or death in connection with this Offer or any gift, except liability which can’t be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law (which is limited to the greatest extent allowed by law).