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Eat more.

Get rich or dine trying - The ultimate foodie life hack, only in the Liven app.

No expiry.
Buy now and grab up to 100% bonus food to spend any time in the future.

Convenience at your finger tips.
Grab Foodollars from the comfort of your home.

Instantly credited to your app.
Get bonus rewards instantly into your Liven wallet.

Liven Guarantee.
No expiry, and your Foodollars are protected in the event of venue closure.

Limits and exclusivity.
Only 1 Foodollar pack per restaurant, and up to 10 restaurants per person.

Care Packages

Get rich or dine trying as they say, this is the ultimate foodie life hack. Simply pay for your meals in advance!

Why: Lock in Snaxmas bonuses to use any time in the future.
How: Grab them from the comfort of your home, because you don't need to be at the venue.
When: Get bonus rewards instantly saved in your wallet.
Perks: No expiry and we guarantee your contribution. We got your back even if you take years to eat through all the credit!
Limits: Only 1 per restaurant and 10 restaurants per person.
What's Next:
Stop what you are doing. Load up on Care Packages. Whip out your calendar and get excited about all the opportunities you now have to dine out!

Frenzy Rewards

Earn serious digital-dough at your city's best venues! Get your Liven long weekend game plan on.

Why: Dine in and take away as much as you can during the Snaxmas campaign.
How: Simply pay with your available LVN rewards or Credit Cards at the venue.
When: Earn rewards instantly after payment.
Perks: You won’t earn frenzy rewards when paying with Care Packages. Paying with frenzy rewards, though - that gets you free food AND more frenzy rewards. Some call this double dipping. We call it a good time.
Limited to 6 times per person during Snaxmas.
What's Next:
Clear the schedule, call the squad and the fam. Where are you going to be every meal?